José Manuel Jiménez was born in Granada, in 1977. Since he was very young he showed great fascination for Films. This attraction is encouraged by his family along all his youthness. Being a teenager, due to a Betamax VTR, he discovers the creative possibilities of editing.

At the age of 18 he moves to Madrid, where he graduates in Audiovisual Communication through the Universidad Complutense (UCM). In those years he develops his passion for the so-called Seventh Art and focuses his education in the film editing area. He improves his abilities in dozens of short films and other exercises.

Looking for the oportunity to go a step further he applies for the Film School of Madrid (ECAM), where he studies exclusively the theorics of film editing while practising all of its techniques.

In 2003, after graduating, he serves as Guillermo S. Maldonado´s assistant film editor in features such as EL LOBO (Goya Award for best film editing), PASOS or GAL.

During these years he combines his duties as an assistant film editor with the editing of several short films and documentaries that secure his craftsmanship of the bussines and prepare him for the leap to the editorial chief of department.

Since then he has edited more than a dozen films, among them hits such as Yayo Herreros´s MAUS, Koldo Serra´s GERNIKA, Achero Mañas´s TODO LO QUE TÚ QUIERAS (Anything That You Want), Miguel Ángel Vivas´s SECUESTRADOS (Kidnapped), or Isabel Ayguavives´s EL ÁRBOL MAGNETICO (The Magnetic Tree).

In 2008 he starts CORTAR POR LO SANO, his own studio for film editing, and he develops from there most of his works as a film editor.

Currently he combines his duties as a film editor of features with other tasks, like editing documentaries (LA PANTALLA HERIDA, MÚSICA MAESTROS, HOBBY, etc) and commercials (ONLY 9 TO 5, TESAURO, PROCTER & GAMBLE, MOVISTAR, etc).

José Manuel Jiménez - Film editing




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